Hello Parents,Families,and Students!
I pray your Summer is off to a great start and you are all having a fun, and safe beginning to your summer. Parents I wanted to remind you of some very important Scholarship dates and deadlines that are quickly approaching. Mckay and Gardiner Scholarships generally have the same dates and deadlines and the very first one is July 3rd. Mckay requires anyone applying for or “filing intent” to take advantage of their scholarship do so by July 3rd. This is a deadline for students who have not used Mckay for the previous school year. So if you did not utilize a Mckay Scholarship last School year or have never applied for this program you must file your intent to participate by July 3rd. Gardiner Scholarship will have the same requirement that you have all your documents uploaded and available for determination by August 2nd. August 2nd is also the enrollment deadline for McKay.
 I understand that anyone new to the Scholarship programs or even those who have utilized these programs in the past, can be overwhelmed with the process, Please know that We are here to help navigate these programs as best we can. If we do not have the answer to your question we will help you find it! Here at The Academy of Spectrum Diversity we would love to help any parents through the Scholarship application process regardless if you plan on being a member of our School family or not. Anyone who is struggling through this process or doesn’t know all the requirements to be eligible can certainly email or call us and we would be happy to help!
Thank you,