Educating our children is an important task which requires many things including: care, patience, and resources.  Our students need more of each of these than students who are in mainstream classrooms. Simple skills that most people take for granted are often a celebratory event for those on the spectrum.

At the academy, we don’t take these for granted. We know how hard earned each milestone and skill can be. This is why we are determined to equip each and every student with the resources necessary to keep moving forward. We continually raise the bar, challenging our students to reach new goals everyday.

This is where we need your help. The Academy is looking for sponsors. Those who are willing to join us in the daily battle for our students’ education. We are looking for Heroes of the Academy, businesses who can help make a real difference in a child’s life.

Click on the flyer below, print it out, take it to a local business and ask them to consider being a Hero!