Jade Locascio

High School Lead Teacher


Jade Locasio (Ms. Jade) has been in the education field for 8 years and on the faculty of The Academy of Spectrum Diversity for the last two years. She is currently serving as our High School Lead Teacher.

Ms. Jade resides in the Tampa Bay area with her two sons who were diagnosed at an early age with severe nonverbal Autism. 

Ms. Jade began her teaching career in Early Childhood Education where she quickly learned her strengths and passion as a teacher. After her son’s Autism diagnosis in 2013 she began her formal training as an Exceptional Student Educator.

Ms. Jade has taught in all levels of education, from PreK through High school. This year, she is entering her 4th year as a lead teacher. Jade studied at The Florida School of the Arts College in Palatka FL.

She holds Certificates for:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Counseling
  • Special Education Needs
  • Accredited Applied Behavioral Analysis Training

Ms. Jade continues to further her education in the Tampa bay area.

In her free time, Ms. Jade enjoys professional dance instruction and competitions and maintains the 2nd year of her Dance Masters Certificate.